My daughter's Joie de vivre Day.

“ Apa I nearly shrieked, when MC(master of ceremony) called my name as Jigme Yeshi Seldon” said my little daughter as I enter the first door of  my quarter, while I am returning home after having done with the duty of the day. Unlike other days, I was bit late as I have been handshaking, talking, discussing and debating with the parents of Class VIII A, pertaining to the issues like student’s academic performance, non- academic matters, ethics and conduct, values and ethos, that would immensely shape the lives of students in multiple ways.
“What evoked you to cry my dear daughter”, I enquired as I giggled. She just responded, “Apa I could not control my shyness and nervousness while facing such a huge throng, as it was completely new event in my life time”. I rather liked her rationale behind her timidity and embarrassment, because I know that, it was her first opportunity to appear in front of weird and an unusual gathering to receive a token of price for having topped among preprimary students.
“Apa you should have acted on my behalf” she murmured annoyingly. “Of course my dear, but for how many times, I am going to perform on your behalf? If so when you are going to boost your confidence, talents and learning that are indispensably needed to navigate in this twenty first century. My dear you must unlearn to be shy and nervous while exploring your talents, there is no short cut key to foster and propel your self confidence and self esteem without condemning inferiority, low self esteem, shyness and nervousness. It is just matter of practice my dear” I answered politely.

Amazingly she had flabbergasted me this time, when she finally admits her argument by nodding her head for several times, depicting the sign of acquiescence to my little advice. Usually she never submits any debates easily owing to her stubborn character, yet today I have convinced her.


  1. As parents, who won't be happy to see our kids achieving such success and then receive numerous accolades in front of us? Your daughter has done this. She indeed can be considered as a wunderkind in the circle of her friends. Hope that prodigy remain in her and continue making you and her mom happy all along. God bless her!

  2. Bro Sherub yes my daughter did this time, but I am doubtful whether she could continue this legend or not. Any ways I will try my best to nurture her so as to combat with this very fast changing world, which is travelling at the speed of light.