We focused on values, beliefs and ethos that one must possess to combat the changing humanity of this present world.  No matter in which era live, it is the fundamental duty of every citizen of the nation to nurture her culture which is deeply rooted in her history. Youth of Bhutan should not be surprised, when our history says, independency of our tiny kingdom was survived all because of our unique culture and identity nourished by our great kings and fore fathers.

With an advent of technology and modernization, our world is changing very rapidly leading to degradation of our rich heritage and culture. Bhutan is one country whom we are witnessing the rapid demolishing of her unique culture. It includes the way we eat, dress, talk, etc and etc. Owing to its importance His Majesty the king said” we must uphold and strengthen our Driglam Chesum” during his address to the youth of Bhutan in any occasion. Yet we hear many of our young innocent confronting with laws and many are behind the bars. What is abnormal for us is normal for them. What we expect from them is the in expectations of them. They could not distinguish between confusion and clarity, good and evilness, sanity and insanity, and explicitness and bewilderment.

 As an educator, we always try our best to alter them from evil to good, animalism to humanism so as to prepare for their livelihood. No one understands our intention behind scolding our child. I belief there won’t be a single educator scolding his students with dominant and unreasonable motives behind. Remember an educator is a humble human being in the first place. And in second place, they replace the biological parents of child for nine months. We understand that scolding is not only the strategy to discipline our kids; we have ample of methods to nurture our kids in crafting them as a better human being. But sometimes we tend to scold them with lots of expectations and hopes from them. On the other hand the society at large used to point fingers to our educators without actually realizing their intention and motives. Should we continue this legend after living in the land of GNH.  Or are there any wise and pretty measures to nurture our youth and amend them as a productive citizen of Bhutan.


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