Thank You.


Thanks to their eminence, Patruel Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche and Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche for their valuable wisdoms and blessings being transmitted through publication of books. I shall always pay my homage and prostrate before Rinpoches to take refuge and to seek blessings. Also thanks to Sir Robin for his enriching and inspiring book titled “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. His unusual expression of words coupled with his extraordinary convincing power made me to realize some of the unachieved task that I have to accomplish sooner or later.
Having read all the books of wisdom authored by Rinpoches and Sir Robin, I came to know very important facts that, human being at large are the torturers. Some of the cruel actions that we do are even worse than the actions committed by innocent animals. With our unlimited desire and dominant motives inside, we tend to destroy life of fellow human beings and butcher thousands of innocent animals, as if they not have right to live on this earth. After all, the god has created this universe for every insects, humans, animals, and nature to stay interdependently, peacefully and symbiotically.
With my little wisdom and spiritual knowledge that I have nourished from the above authors, I have turned to be better human being than ever before. Coinciding with first day of the first month of wood male horse year 2014, I have transformed myself from non- vegetarian to vegetarian. Having fully realized the words of Sogyal Rinpoche as quoted “Whenever people from all walks of life around the globe celebrate happy new year with delicious food, entertainment and all, Patruel Rinpoche used to weep. On being asked why, Rinpoche just responded, one year has already passed in vain for many people, yet they didn’t realize that they are one year closer to death”.  As inspired by the words and wisdom of Rinpoche, finally I have managed my breakfast for winter solstice ( Nyinlo)2014 with kewa Datsi.
With my constant dedication and total honesty, I hope I can be ever vegetarian.


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